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Being Well Homoeopathy believes in a SCIENTIFIC and HOLISTIC approach for treating patients. It attempts to treat an individual, rather than, treating the symptoms and the dis-ease only. The focus of treatment is BODY, MIND, SOUL, and DIS-EASE. The main motive behind this set up is to obtain OPTIMAL HEALTH and WELLNESS.

As the logo of Pink Tulip symbolizes CARE, the doctors namely, Dr.SupriyaSamjiskar and Dr Kinjal R. Shah at Being Well Homoeopathy understand that it is not only the medicine which treats the patient but the care and affection to understand a person, restores the sick to health.

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Being Well Homoeopathy believes in a SCIENTIFIC and HOLISTIC approach for treating patients. It attempts to treat an individual, rather than, treating the symptoms and the dis-ease only.




Menopausal problems


Dr Kinjal R.Shah, born and brought up in the city of Mumbai, and now settled in Chennai.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Homoeopathy Medicine and Surgery and then did her post-graduation DIPLOMA in MEDICAL COSMETOLOGY. She is also a CERTIFIED LACTATION COUNSELLOR. She is a Life Member of the Indian Menopause Society and Indian Homeopathic Medical Association.

She holds the post of Treasurer in the Indian Homeopathic Medical Association (Tamil Nadu chapter). She is an active member of the Koppikar Foundation for Homoeopathy.

Has vast experience in treating chronic cases like Atopic dermatitis, Asthma, PCOS, GERD, Thyroid, Eczema, Lichen Planus, Psoriasis, Acne vulgaris. She also deals with hormonal issues like fibroids and complaints during menopause.

Her specialty holds in breaking the tendency for the formation of kidney stones and deals well with gall stones.

Her Motto “Stay Happy, Stay Healthy” keeps spreading smiles everywhere!

Dr Supriya Samjiskar is  from Mumbai. She has done M.D. in Homoeopathy and has experience over ten years in the field of homoeopathy.

She believes in updating herself regularly and keeps learning and updating her skills. Recently she has acquired a master’s degree in social research with flying colors.

She also has a sharp interest in serving the public since the beginning and got associated with NGO where she is an enthusiastic and admirable teacher to the underprivileged young girls and trains and motivate them to be an independent professional nurse.

At clinic, she is a conscientious physician who treats patients as her own family members. She is master in, particularly chronic diseases. She believes in complete cure and care. Along with treatment, she will share some tips on diet, lifestyle, and exercise too. This complete care makes the real difference in restoring your health.

Our Approach

We will have a detailed look at your health problems initiating with how & when it started and treatments are taken in past. We will see how the disease has occurred & proceeded, and then will coordinate it with the present situation and advice better health from now onwards through relevant homoeopathic treatment. We provide immensely pure, natural and reliable medicines.

Our Process

Your appointment will be scheduled for a consultation with Being Well Homoeopathy doctors wherein every patient will get equal time to clear any queries, anxieties related to the disease. As we are online without even wasting time traveling or waiting in a long queue and searching for the medicines. We deliver your report along with prescribed medicines right at your Door Step.

Unique Framework

We have designed this unique framework of treatment keeping in mind how difficult it is to book an appointment for a doctor or any other service and then taking time out of your busy schedule to meet the doctor. Our approach and process makes it quite easy for everyone who has a busy schedule and especially for the elderly people for whom traveling is the biggest concern

We Have Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Healthy Life

Tired of trying different ways of leading a healthy life but still not getting results. With years of experience and knowledge, we have developed a fun and realistic way of living a healthy life. Download our free ebook to gain access to a healthier life.


Being Well Fissure/Piles Kit

Those who suffer from long-standing constipation are likely to suffer from fissures or piles too.

These problems do not always require surgery. Homeopathy can help you to prevent these surgeries with sweet medicines. The fissure is a painful condition. Piles and fissure both can lead to bleeding through the anus and this is quiet frightening but with homeopathic medicines, this pain can definitely be removed and bleeding can be stopped.

Being Well Injury Kit

It is not just the Injury kit; this is all those who have weak muscles, suffer from tendons issues and even those who had history of fall and fractures to strengthen the bones.

We all have suffered from injury some or other time may it be just a bruise or sprain, catch or as severe as the fracture.

Being Well Hair-Fall Control Kit

Almost everyone is troubled by hair fall due to over chemical use, pollution, alcohol, smoking, stress, malnourishment, irregular sleep, diet, lifestyle changes etc. These kinds of problems are now increasing day by day from kids to old people.

Other than above mentioned, hairfall could be secondary disease like thyroid problems or other hormonal issues for that one needs a proper consultation with a doctor, so that your doctor can identify the exact cause and try to modify reasons causing your hair fall.

Being Well Metabolism Booster Kit

Our lifestyle has changed so much. We sleep late, we are leading a sedentary lifestyle, sit and work in front of the computers, eat all high caloric food, have lots and lots of stress all leading to one thing that is OBESITY. And when we realize and try to modify our lifestyle and diet our hormones start playing a major role because of which our basic metabolic rate slows down. Thus it becomes very difficult to lose weight which in turn sometimes leads to depression.

This homeopathic kit will help one to keep oneself motivated and energetic by helping to increase the metabolism of the body. Thus people who are dedicated will be benefitted by not only losing weight, also by feeling lot fresh and energetic, relieved from stress and also not getting much negative thoughts.

Being Well Dentition Kit

To see your child’s first tooth erupting is a wonderful moment, but trouble less teething is all the more joyous. This kit will help our child to get teeth with less diarrhea, pain, irritation with an innocent smile intact.

This kit is specialized for kids, especially below two years. Mothers are often worried about their teething and teething troubles.

Kids have irritation and itching in their gums, which compels them to put all the things in the mouth resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, crankiness, irritation, etc. Thus making the teething period troublesome.

All this suffering can be minimized using the Being Well Dentition kit. It will also make processes of dentition easier for the child as well as

Being Well Menstrual Pain Kit

Adolescence is a very delicate phase of life where there are changes at every level body, hormonal and emotional levels. This is the time where a girl achieves a new milestone of her life that is menstruation. It is supposed to be as natural as possible. In the initial months mild to moderate discomfort and pain are expected but this pain gradually resolves as age increases. If it does not then one needs proper medical care for it.

We have many pain killers available in market for menstrual pain and a lot of women do hamper their bodies with such strong chemicals which may harm other body parts. Instead of hampering your body with harmful chemicals pamper yourself with natural, delicate homeopathic medications which will help in stimulating your threshold levels thus decreasing cramps, pains, mood swings also other related problems like vomiting, pain in the breast, etc.

Being Well Constipation Kit

We have seen many constipation relieving powders and medicines, syrups, etc. and many of you must have had experience also. These medications relieve constipation, but often it’s habit-forming, which means one requires to be taken it lifelong in increasing doses. These habit-forming drugs can prove harmful to your body.

Homeopathic medications are safe, they are to correct the metabolism of the body and thus resolve constipation. This is not an overnight process it may take few weeks to months, depending on the response and lifestyle of the patients

Being Well Stay Well Kit

This is the most important kit which every individual should have in his/her house. Generally, we avoid going to the doctors for small things and end up becoming prey to bigger problems. So in order to prevent our self from falling to bed because of illness, this Homoeopathy kit should be kept handy with you.

In this kit Doctors of Being Well, Homoeopathy have kept the least thing in mind about the common symptoms like Common cold, Cough, Fever, Diarrhoeas, Gases, Injury, Muscle pains, Head pains,

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Getting treatment from Being well homeopathy was the best thing that happened to me. I was suffering from depression for the past 5 years, tried all kind of English Medicines but nothing helped me. Finally came to know about Being Well Homeopathy and from that time I have never looked back.

Kushboo Singh

After trying a lot of Acne creams and taking costly treatments there was no difference in my face. That time I approached Dr. Kinjal for my pimple problem, my face has become clear and pimples and acne’s are now very much reduced. I would definitely recommend her.

Roma Choudhary

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A disease is just not a name like Arthritis, Sinusitis, Meiner’s disease, Migraine, Psoriasis or so, it mainly sees an individual as a whole, signs, symptoms, laboratory investigations, physical examination, family history, past tendencies, in order to form the picture of the disease and to treat holistically.


These sweet pills are best when taken in the cover of the bottle in which the medicine exists. It is advisable to avoid touching these pills as they tend to lose the medicinal property then. Also avoid consuming the pills if they have fallen down. These pills are more effective even when taken on empty stomach.


These are very tiny sweet pills. They can be definitely consumed very easily and pleasantly by infants. One can dissolve the pills in mother’s milk, water or any food substance which the infants take. All age group people can take homoeopathy. Many children love to eat this medicines as they are sweet in taste. And homoeopathy in children works at the level to improve their immunity so that they do not fall sick again and again.


Yes, one should definitely continue their blood pressure or diabetes or cardiac medications. Vitamins are not medicines, they are supplements for the deficiencies so one should continue taking them for the stipulated time.


It is not at all mandatory to stop all of these. Only with certain remedies your doctor will advise you to avoid or else to keep some time gap between certain strong odour food stuff and homoeopathic remedies. One can continue his or her food pattern on a regular basis and still continue to be on effective homoeopathic treatment.

As these medicines are very natural, they do not come with an expiry date. It is only when the color of the pills becomes yellow or if the medicines become too sticky, one needs to discard it. To avoid this, keep the medicines in a somewhat darkroom in a place away from light, strong odors and such other substances

Yes it is 100% safe to take homoeopathic medicines during pregnancy. In fact it helps in making the months of pregnancy go very smoothly. Also many a times, homoeopathic medicines have also helped in avoiding C-sections, helped in reducing labour troubles. In 1st trimester, helps in reducing nausea, vomiting. It helps the mother to be in more peace, reduces anxiety and other stresses.

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