Don’t Just Believe What We Say…Look What People Are Saying About Us.

Wanted to inform you that our daughter’s period stopped on its own. It’s the first time it happened on its own and even stopped. Thank You so much dear you see the happiness on her face.

And the wonderful healing medicines. They are like miracle pills. Thank you for being so patient.

When you guided me to treat kids with plenty of fruits, vegetables, water, and lots of physical workout and not with medicines. I just felt there will be no one like you.

Hard to find a doctor like you mam.

Thank You So Much 🙂 

“One stone came out just today.

Thank You so much mam”

“The emergency medicine which you have given me for my menstruation pain, it acts so well that the pain was bearable…. first time I didn’t take any medicine during my periods ”

“Thank you so much, mam, without you I would have had so many sufferings, You are the best (talented, caring ) doc I have ever met. Thank You once again”

“Happy Teachers Day. Even though you are my doc and you treat me but our every meeting has been resourceful not just for my health but for my life too. It has been such a knowledgeable experience from the past year that today you are my friend, doctor and a teacher.”

“Good Evening Maam,

Your medicines are really doing wonders, I am doing really well”

“Thank You so much doctor for your kind and helpful counseling. I highly appreciate Ur organized process and approach.”

“I am so grateful for the things that you have done for our family. Thank You for being such a wonderful and kind-hearted doctor”

“Happy Friendship day Kinjal, glad to have you in my life. You as a doctor to my kids, is like a blessing in disguise.

Thank You for always being there for me”

“I am so grateful for the things that you have done for our family. Thank You for being such a wonderful and kind-hearted doctor”

“Radhey Radhey doctor Kinjal, From yesterday burning has reduced a lot. It’s like a miracle. Thank You so much, I am so happy about the same.

Thanks once again…..!”

“I visited you around 15 days back for cough and cold. You advised updating after 15 days. Hence would like to inform you that the medicines really worked and I started feeling better in the next 3 days. Continuing medicines till now.

Thank You so much for your consultancy and prescribing homeopathy medicines which really worked well.


Thanks And Regards,”

“Amazing video….Kinjal you are an amazing personality, you are not just dr but a grt human being. You are not like other doctors who are just behing money, your first motive is to heal the patients. Really hats off to you for timely help during the lockdown period and during my tough times. After being to your clinic, I have avoided all the allopathy medicines. Have trust in you and your homeopathic medicines. It will take time but I will be 100% fine with no side effects.”

“Hello, doc… Just wanted you to know…yestd when I told you about feeling feverish…..all you said was go home you will not get the fever.

It didn’t come, though felt a little itchy in the throat and a little feverish inside but all I did was slept well and relaxed..I am fine now… Thanks, doc.

Your words meant a lot and made a difference….SAVIOUR”

I have been suffering from a PCOD problem, the last 1 year I have been taking homeopathy medicine and also have been following the diet prescribed by the doctor. From November onwards I am having regular periods. Thankyou Doctor…!

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