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After realizing that, it is not only the medicine that heals the patient but the care and affection to understand a person, restores the sick to health.  Dr Supriya and Dr Kinjal started Being Well Homoeopathy clinic in Mumbai and Chennai and to maximize the benefits of their treatment to a larger number of people they entered into the digital world through this website.

Being Well Homoeopathy believes in a SCIENTIFIC and HOLISTIC approach for treating patients. It attempts to treat an individual, rather than, treating the symptoms and the dis-ease only. The focus of treatment is BODY, MIND, SOUL and DIS-EASE. The main motive behind this set up is to obtain OPTIMAL HEALTH and WELLNESS.

At Being Well we have kept more than 50 plus free health camps and events, so one can keep track of their health.


We Work With You to Create a Custom Plan Of Medicines & Healthy Habits

In Today’s world with growing stress, limited time, and a lot of other commitments, it’s hard to maintain good health.  Thus keeping this in mind and to reach a maximum of people with ease, Being Well Homeopathy introduces itself in online mode through this website so that we can deliver everything at your doorstep, including your health measures. 

In this site, as one explores, they would find a lot of awareness topics on various diseases, health tips, and rejuvenation methods.

Also, Being well for the first time introduces Being Well Kits which are more of preventive sweet, homeopathic pills to build one’s immunity and thus everyone should keep in their houses.

At Being Well Homeopathy it is not only about treatment, doctor and patient. It is a lot to do with understanding an individual, their complaints and to give the best advice in order to prevent further troubles in one’s life.


Best In Care

We Provide the best in class holistic treatment for all our patients. All our treatments are side effects free. 

Experts Doctors

Expert Doctors who have more than 10 years of experience in treating patients through homeopathy.

We Aspire

We continuously research and update ourselves about the new diseases. So that we can take better care of you.


We give guaranteed results and hence we are trusted by thousands of people in India.

Cost Effective

Unlike any other English medicines or treatment, our treatment and medicines are very cost-effective.


You can rely on us to get the best homeopathy and healthy lifestyle suggestions

Our Promise

Custom Consultation & Natural Medicines For Your Specific Needs

We assure you all that we will strive continuously to update with current issues and keep everyone posted about the same, thus putting us always 1 step ahead to bring health and happiness through Being Well Homoeopathy. Hence  Being well for the first time introduces Being Well Kits which are more of preventive sweet, homoeopathic pills to build one’s immunity and thus everyone should keep in their houses. 

Dr Kinjal Shah

Expert in Homeopathy Medicine, Surgery & Medical cosmetology

Expert in treating Asthama, PCOS, GERD, Thyroid, And Chronic Cases Like chronic cases Eczema, Lichen Planus, Psoriasis, Acne vulgaris.

Dr Supriya Umrale Samjiskar

Expert in Homeopathy Medicine, Surgery

Expert in Child And Adult Behavioral Physiology And Mood Swings, along with menstrual complaints, PCOD problems, and menopausal in women

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