May 30, 2021

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A stye is a reddish lump that appears on the eyelid margin which is filled with or
without a small collection of pus.
It is very common in people who frequently rub their eyes or don’t clean their
contact lenses properly.


 Infection – Bacterial infection of a hair follicle or an oil-producing gland on
the eyelid.
 Use of cosmetics – Not removing the eye makeup before sleep and using old
or expired cosmetics.
 Contact lenses – Touching the contact lenses without washing the hands
 Past history of a stye (recurrent infection).
 Certain skin conditions such as acne or inflammation of the eyelid (blepharitis).


 Swelling in the margin of the eyelid – either upper or lower eyelid
 Redness
 Pain and tenderness
 Itching and foreign body sensation over the lump
 Burning sensation
 Watery eyes and crust forms when the discharge dries
 Sensitivity to bright light
 Drooping of eyelid or discomfort while blinking.


Diagnosis is mainly done by clinical examination. No specific tests are required.


 Apply warm compress gently on the stye for 10-15 minutes three to four
times a day.
 Gently wipe away the eyelid drainage with baby shampoo and water or
eyelid wipes. It helps to release the blocked duct.

 Avoid wearing makeup and contact lenses until the infection has settled. It
can irritate the eye and delay the healing process. Discard all old makeup
 To prevent the spread of stye rubbing of the eyes should be avoided.
 To prevent the recurrence of stye – Remove eye makeup every night
before sleeping. Avoid sharing towels with the person who has stye. Wash
your hands before touching your contact lenses.


Homeopathic treatment has a very good scope in treating both acute and recurrent
episodes of stye and helps in reducing the lump and pain without any surgery, and
prevents the recurrence of stye by improving immunity. Homeopathic medicines
are highly effective and safe in the treatment of stye with no side effects.
Seek medical advice if it gets bigger, becomes more painful, pus or blood is
leaking from the lump, recurrent and doesn’t clear up after few days of home

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