February 3, 2021

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It is an autoimmune disorder. An autoimmune disease is one in which one’s immune system starts attacking the healthy cell in the body. In alopecia areata, unpredictable areas of hair loss are seen. This disease affects both genders.


It is autoimmune, thus a specific cause cannot be identified. One of the reasons could be genetic background, a person in the family member might be suffering then it is possible to pass on to the next genes. It can also be that the person is suffering from other autoimmune disease like thyroiditis or may be vitiligo. A small reason for suffering from alopecia areata could be stress.


The foremost and prominent symptom is patchy hair loss. It starts by coin size patches of hair begin to fall out. It affects scalp or beard. Many a times, there is spontaneous recovery. But in some cases, it progresses to alopecia totalis (loss of hair from full scalp) or alopecia universalis (loss of hair from full body).

Alopecia Areata being autoimmune also affects nails of fingers and toes. Many a times, these are the first sign which indicates that the disease is starting. The nails show the following signs:

    • Small, pinpoint dents.
    • White spots
    • Nails become rough
    • Nails look dull without shine
    • Nails are thin and split.

Other signs and symptoms are:

  • Regrow of white hair in the areas of hair loss.
  • Hair break before reaching the skin surface.
  • Short hair grow narrow at the bottom and grow around the edges of the hair loss areas.


Usually, the doctor just by examining the hair loss area can diagnose. For further confirmation, the doctor might ask for a biopsy. Also, to rule out other autoimmune diseases, a blood test might be performed.


Mostly immune suppressors is the drug of choice as it is autoimmune disorder. In spite of such heavy drugs, cure is not sure as it can recur again

Homoeopathy has a lot to offer in alopecia areata. The homoeopaths will first to find out the cause behind the disease and based on individualisation and after a thorough case taking will help the patient not only with help of medicines but also counsel them to be more relaxed and stress free as then only cure would be achieved.


  • Stress only alleviates the problems, hence try to exercise, perform yoga to keep mind relaxed.
  • Always remember: To solve 1 problem, do not invite more problems.
  • Hope is a brighter way to live healthier.

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