January 22, 2023

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Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne viral disease. It was first described during the outbreak in southern Tanzania in 1952. The name chikungunya derives its origin from the Kimakonde language meaning “to become contorted,” describing the stooped nature of the sufferers with joint pain.


  • The transmission happens from human-to-human by bites of the infected mosquitoes. A mosquito that bites an infected person can spread the virus to an uninfected person when it bites him.
  • Biting happens throughout daylight, peak activities during early morning and late afternoon hours.
  • More frequently found mosquito biting are outdoors. 


  • After the bite of an infected mosquito, onset occurs usually between 4 to 8 days. Sometimes may even range between 2 to 12 days.


  • Sudden onset of fever accompanied with joint pain.
  • Muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue, and rash are some other common symptoms.
  • The joint pain is severe, but usually last for a few days or may get prolonged to weeks.
  • Most patients recover fully, but some complaint of lingering joint pains even after 6 months.
  • SKIN RASH – about 50 to 75% of infected people develop a skin rash that has itching and seen on the 5th day of fever.
  • The rash is commonly seen on the arms, upper trunk, and face. 
  • Ulcers on mouth, anus, and underarms may also develop.
  • After the acute chikungunya infection, hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin) may occur. 


  • Occasional cases of eyes, gastrointestinal, neurological, and heart complications have been reported.
  • Serious complications are not common.
  • Infection is usually mild and may go unrecognized or misdiagnosed as dengue.


  • Blood tests for IgM and IgG anti-chikungunya antibodies.
  •  Chikungunya RT-PCR test.


  • For protection during outbreaks of chikungunya, clothing which minimizes skin exposure to the day biting mosquitoes is advised.
  • Repellents to be applied on exposed skin.
  • Insecticide-treated mosquito nets offer good protection for children and elderly who have daytime sleeping habits.
  • Wearing long sleeves and pants. And ensuring rooms are fitted with screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering inside.


Chikungunya is a viral disease, and the virus will run its course in each individual and be destroyed by the body’s own immune system. In such cases, what is required is to support the body’s needs so that it can fight back the viral load, here Homoeopathic remedies can provide symptomatic relief as well as help the infected individual’s immune system to fight the virus without any suppression and avoid any long-term effects of the virus Homoeopathic medicines help manage fevers like chikungunya with its healing medicines. Joint pains that linger even after one recovers from the acute fever can be very well tackled with Homoeopathic medications. Some patients even experience loss of appetite, hair fall, weakness and many other remnants of the disease which can also be treated effectively with homoeopathic medicines. In Epidemics and endemics homoeopathy helps as a preventive medicine as well.

 Our BEINGWELL doctors need to know the details of your suffering and they can help you through this. The homoeopathic medicines are selected based on the general symptoms of the patients which act on the deeper levels of the immune system and bring natural cure. Moreover, homoeopathic medicines are also free from side effects.


For any queries regarding chikungunya and other viral diseases email BEING WELL CLINIC – 

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