Menstrual Pain Kit

This box contains menstrual kit


Product Description

Adolescence is a very delicate phase of life where there are changes at every level body, hormonal and emotional levels. This is the time where a girl achieves a new milestone of her life that is menstruation. It is supposed to be as natural as possible. In the initial months mild to moderate discomfort and pain are expected but this pain gradually resolves as age increases. If it does not then one needs proper medical care for it.

We have many pain killers available on the market for menstrual pain and a lot of women do hamper their bodies with such strong chemicals which may harm other body parts. Instead of hampering your body with harmful chemicals pamper yourself with natural, delicate homeopathic medications which will help in stimulating your threshold levels thus decreasing cramps, pains, mood swings also other related problems like vomiting, pain in the breast, etc.


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