Post-COVID symptoms??

June 7, 2021

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Post-COVID symptoms?? Here is something that homeopathy can offer you…

Turned COVID Negative but still have symptoms?

By now everyone is aware of the COVID symptoms and very watchful of that.
But, do you know, there are people who are still suffering from symptoms with COVID negative status?

Those who have suffered from COVID irrespective of whether they needed hospitalization or not they experience some symptoms like fatigue, respiratory symptoms like post lingering cough,
breathlessness, few neurological symptoms, hair fall, panic, etc.

These symptoms may be experienced post COVID period for few days to weeks or even go up to months
One must know about: Post COVID infection now termed as Long COVID or Long haul COVID.


People with Long COVID do experience one or a combination of the following symptoms:
1. Fatigue
2. Difficulty in thinking or brain fag
3. Headaches
4. Loss of taste with poor appetite
5. Dizziness on sudden movement
6. Cough
7. Joint/ Muscle pain
8. Loss of sleep
9. Depression anxiety
10. Symptoms that get worse by physical or mental activities.



If you observe any of the above symptoms, post-COVID, then it definitely needs attention.
Talk to our Homoeopathic consultants they can manage and support you to get the necessary resources.

Certain important points: Even if you are COVID negative follow these:

1. Do wear a mask
2. Avoid public gathering
3. Maintain social distance
4. Wash your hands often

What has the Health Ministry recommended as post-Covid management protocol?

In its post-Covid management protocol, the Health Ministry says the first follow-up visit (physical/telephonic) for a recovered patient should be within seven days after discharge. Subsequent treatment/follow-up visits maybe with the nearest qualified allopathic/AYUSH practitioner/medical facility of other systems of medicine.
If there is a persistent dry cough or sore throat, the Health Ministry recommends saline gargles (with turmeric and salt) and steam inhalation. Cough medication should be taken on the advice of a doctor.

The data provided here is authentic and one can go through the following links for detailed reading.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: The best way to prevent long-term covid symptoms is to prevent COVID.

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