May 14, 2021

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Pink eye or conjunctivitis is an irritation or inflammation of the conjunctiva, which covers the
white part of the eyeball. Some types of pink eye are extremely contagious and are spread by
contact with eye secretions from someone who is infected.


There are 3 main types of Conjunctivitis.
1. Viral Conjunctivitis
2. Bacterial Conjunctivitis – Ophthalmia neonatorum (severe form affects newborn babies).
3. Allergic Conjunctivitis (not contagious).


1. Common cold.
2. Urinary tract infections.
3. Allergic reaction to dust, pollen or animals (horse, cat), cigarette smoke, car fumes,
chemicals (e.g. Pool chlorine), cosmetics (e.g. Hair dye).


1. Red eyes
2. Slight irritation and discomfort in the eyes. Frequent blinking of eyes.
3. Burning sensation in eyes
4. Itchy eyes
5. Pain in the eye
6. Watery eyes. Lots of mucous, pus, or thick yellow discharge from eyes.
Eyelids/eyelashes stick together especially in the morning because of the accumulation of
mucous discharge during the night
7. Puffy eyelids
8. Blurry vision
9. Over sensitive to light
10. Associated throat infection and fever may present.


It is confirmed by Bacteriological examination and culture of the conjunctival swab (tear or
fluid sample from your conjunctiva).


To avoid catching or transmitting the infection:
1. Isolate yourself to avoid spread.
2. Cleanliness:

i. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water, especially before
eating or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
ii. Wash any discharge from the eyes by using a fresh cotton ball or paper
iii. Wash your pillowcase & clothes every day with hot water and

3. Don’t touch or rub your infected eye with your fingers. Use tissues to wipe.
4. Don’t use makeup on the infected eye, as bacteria can live in makeup. And don’t share
eye makeup with others.
5. Wear glasses instead of contact lenses.
6. Use a warm compress.
7. Protect your eyes from dirt and irritants.


Conjunctivitis usually goes away on its own within 7-10 days. If the symptom persists or gets worse,
consult your Homoeopathic Physician. He or she can make sure you don’t have a more serious
eye problem and will treat you accordingly. Recurrence of Allergic Conjunctivitis as well as
the intensity will begin to reduce with and as treatment continues. One can be free of these allergies.

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