February 10, 2021

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We have all sailed in the same boat of the pandemic disease “COVID 19”.

It has been a year that we know about the Corona virus but still there have been no promising treatments till date. Even vaccines which are available are still in their initial phase. In spite of all this, most of us have started living normally but with some fear and this is what we know term it as the “NEW NORMAL”.

In this new normal we are very cautious that we do not catch any kind of virus or any infections and try to prevent our self from falling sick we keep washing our hands, use sanitizers or even avoid contacts but while doing all this we forget about our own immunity.

Immunity has been the only and the strongest guard against this dreaded corona virus. It is our own innate ability to fight the virus and keep our self healthy. Since ages, it is been known that Homoeopathy, as a science believes in boosting one’s immune system. Thus, believing in Homoeopathy and regularly consuming Homoeopathy medicines can help fight the infections. It is one of the safest medicines which can be consumed by all age group of people giving your body the care that it needs with the gentlest form of medication. Build immunity and fight the pandemic.



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  1. Mamta

    I can truly vouch for homeo medicines to build immunity…recently when I was tested positive the homeo medicine sent by Dr. Kinjal were very effective n helped in my speedy recovery..


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